Books… I Love Reading Books!

I have two passions in the world: books and shopping! In fact, shopping for books is one of my favourite pastimes! Ever since I was a little girl I have always liked to read. The first books I ever read were those classics by Enid Blyton. I was about seven or eight. I read my first full-length novel, Alice in Wonderland, at age 10, and it remains my favourite till this day.

There are some books that I like to read again and again as I get older, achieving a different understanding of them throughout life. An example of these is the Harry Potter series, undoubtedly a well-loved universe by many people and definitely cherished by me. In my adult years I have turned toward fiction and mystery novels. I enjoy following a protagonist as he or she attempts to solve puzzles and make connections, usually in the face of suspense or danger!

Regarding shopping for books, I enjoy picking out books for friends and family to read. Since I’ve read many books in my life, I love making recommendations to them./ Sometimes they ask me for book recs instead of actual advice, and I gladly give it! Whether it’s growing through puberty, moving on after a breakup, grieving a loved one or being faced with a difficult decision to make, there’s always a book out there for someone, and a part of it will always stick with the reader more than any piece of advice I could possibly give!

That’s probably the biggest reason why I love to read books. The experience of reading is different for everyone and what we learn or take away from books defines who we are. Every new book is a brand new, exciting adventure for me to go on, no matter what age I am!

My SEO Expert Friend Ibi

Where do I start? Just like everybody out there, friends are an important thing in our life. Right? Of course it is. I’m no different. Today I wanted to tell the world about my very good friend Ibi. He is an exceptional person, in more ways than one. A modest and somewhat successful individual in his own right. After Ibi helped me in many instances, I seriously think he deserves a mention on my personal blog!

Ibi is a qualified scientist, something he was passionate about since I knew him back in the high school years. No I did not go to high school with him. I met him during my visit to Perth through a mutual friend. Ibi is a quiet man who seldom talk about his private life. So to respect this, I won’t go in too much detail about is personal life. But I guess what I can do is share a bit about his relatively successful career. As mentioned previously, people know Ibi as a scientist. But what many don’t know is his after hours hobby, that is online marketing. He has the knack for building websites. His love for pretty much everything online has led him to helping local businesses generate more leads. If you want to know more, then you can visit his website at and check out the awesome stuff he’s doing.

I know this post of mine is not the usually “out there” one, you know.. .like my last post about my love of shopping. Instead of about me, I decided to write something dedicated to someone else. That someone being my good friend.

As somewhat a promotion for him, if you own a business and would like to get more leads and ultimately more revenue. Then, Ibi is the go to person. I highly recommend him to anyone out there.

Look the guy is a scientist, so attention to detail in everything he do will no doubt be very good for your own business. You can be rest assured that you’ll be looked after very well. Just say Sarah sent you there 😉 .. if he says “Sarah?”.. then just reply you know.. Sarah the blogger!

Anyways this is were I end this post. If Ibi ever reads this post, then apology for not letting you know about this. I wanted it to be a surprise. So hopefully it is a good surprise! Of course he should be ok with it. After all, I’ve known him for a while now… and I know I know he wouldn’t mind.