Books… I Love Reading Books!

I have two passions in the world: books and shopping! In fact, shopping for books is one of my favourite pastimes! Ever since I was a little girl I have always liked to read. The first books I ever read were those classics by Enid Blyton. I was about seven or eight. I read my first full-length novel, Alice in Wonderland, at age 10, and it remains my favourite till this day.

There are some books that I like to read again and again as I get older, achieving a different understanding of them throughout life. An example of these is the Harry Potter series, undoubtedly a well-loved universe by many people and definitely cherished by me. In my adult years I have turned toward fiction and mystery novels. I enjoy following a protagonist as he or she attempts to solve puzzles and make connections, usually in the face of suspense or danger!

Regarding shopping for books, I enjoy picking out books for friends and family to read. Since I’ve read many books in my life, I love making recommendations to them./ Sometimes they ask me for book recs instead of actual advice, and I gladly give it! Whether it’s growing through puberty, moving on after a breakup, grieving a loved one or being faced with a difficult decision to make, there’s always a book out there for someone, and a part of it will always stick with the reader more than any piece of advice I could possibly give!

That’s probably the biggest reason why I love to read books. The experience of reading is different for everyone and what we learn or take away from books defines who we are. Every new book is a brand new, exciting adventure for me to go on, no matter what age I am!

My SEO Expert Friend Ibi

Where do I start? Just like everybody out there, friends are an important thing in our life. Right? Of course it is. I’m no different. Today I wanted to tell the world about my very good friend Ibi. He is an exceptional person, in more ways than one. A modest and somewhat successful individual in his own right. After Ibi helped me in many instances, I seriously think he deserves a mention on my personal blog!

Ibi is a qualified scientist, something he was passionate about since I knew him back in the high school years. No I did not go to high school with him. I met him during my visit to Perth through a mutual friend. Ibi is a quiet man who seldom talk about his private life. So to respect this, I won’t go in too much detail about is personal life. But I guess what I can do is share a bit about his relatively successful career. As mentioned previously, people know Ibi as a scientist. But what many don’t know is his after hours hobby, that is online marketing. He has the knack for building websites. His love for pretty much everything online has led him to helping local businesses generate more leads. If you want to know more, then you can visit his website at and check out the awesome stuff he’s doing.

I know this post of mine is not the usually “out there” one, you know.. .like my last post about my love of shopping. Instead of about me, I decided to write something dedicated to someone else. That someone being my good friend.

As somewhat a promotion for him, if you own a business and would like to get more leads and ultimately more revenue. Then, Ibi is the go to person. I highly recommend him to anyone out there.

Look the guy is a scientist, so attention to detail in everything he do will no doubt be very good for your own business. You can be rest assured that you’ll be looked after very well. Just say Sarah sent you there 😉 .. if he says “Sarah?”.. then just reply you know.. Sarah the blogger!

Anyways this is were I end this post. If Ibi ever reads this post, then apology for not letting you know about this. I wanted it to be a surprise. So hopefully it is a good surprise! Of course he should be ok with it. After all, I’ve known him for a while now… and I know I know he wouldn’t mind.

Why A Girl Loves To Shop

Holiday shopping can be a very tiring chore to do. For some people. But for me, shopping in general, always gets me going. I loooove shopping. And I think many girls will agree with me when I say shopping helps shift one’s mood and energy. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment, that at the end of the day, I was able to shop for the things I need — well, also, for what I think other people need.


Yesterday’s weather was wet and crazy. Normally, I would just stay in bed and curl up under my cozy sheets on a rainy day. But the weather didn’t stop me from my love of shopping. I got up early and made sure to be at the malls when it opens. I was alert and organised — moving from one shop to the next, comparing prices in my head and heading back to those shops where I could get a better deal. It takes a lot of time and effort to weave through the shops to sort out for shirts, dresses, toys, groceries, etc. But I don’t mind the tedious experience. In fact, I love it.

This brings me to thinking why do we love to shop? Researchers say that this can be traced back to early history, thousands of years before Christ walked the earth. While men were busy hunting, women were gathering, which is contrary to what many believe that women just stayed home. Even in those days, women moved from one bush to the next, picking fruits and berries and making sure they picked the best for their families. It was a practice that went on and on and on. In the modern times, mass media made it more exciting for women to “gather”. They were involved in surveys and researches and focus group discussions as to which fabric, food item, kitchen appliance, etc is better.

As for me, these theories only give more meaning to my love for shopping. I am a conscious “gatherer” and I love it.

Leasing a Storage Facility for My Belongings

I am very sure that every girl out there can relate to this. You may of guessed it from the title of this post; I am talking about personal belongings and lots of it! So much so I needed to hire a storage facility in Welshpool to store the excess stuff I brought over when moving to Perth recently.

Here’s the actual photo I took whilst over at the storage facility:

Storage facility

Many would actually argue to why I didn’t simply got rid of the excess stuff. You know, perhaps selling it on Gumtree or Ebay or even the classifieds in the local newspaper. My answer to it is quite simple, well simple in  my honest opinion… it’s because I love my belongings and I became attached to them. So much so, I don’t ever want to part with from them. I know my items are actually everyday things, not some sort of collectibles. But still, I feel compelled to keep most (if not all) of it and just soldier on. Is it an addiction or perhaps an OCD condition (obsessive compulsive disorder). Nahh.. maybe I am looking to much into it. Afterall, I am sure there are many others out there who are just like me.

In fact, if you are reading my blog and can relate to the above; I would love to know! So please comment on this post and I will try my very best to reply to it as soon as practically possible. Sharing is caring! So go on and don’t be shy. Once I know that there are people like me, than I will be more at ease.

Anyways, back to obsession with collecting my every “junk”. The decision of hiring a storage facility to store our stuff and even personal belongings was a good one. Why is it a win for me? Well, I get to keep my belongings; but at the same time avoid cluttering of stuff inside my house. Especially when my stuff is kept safely and labelled accordingly.. for easy retrieval.

Falling In Love With The Roofing Guy

First post.. doesn’t get any personal than this (for now!). It’s about my love interest so if you’re a guy and get turned off by lovy dovy stuff than feel welcome to leave! :)

I just moved in Perth four  weeks ago and I’m loving my new digs and the area surrounding it. The suburb where I live has a cosy café down the road, an Italian grocery store just a few meters from where I live, and a bus stop right outside my apartment.

Everything felt so right until one rainy Sunday, when I noticed a puddle of water on the kitchen floor. At first, I thought I must have spilled some water from the sink but then I noticed that a leak was coming from the kitchen ceiling. If there’s one pet peeve I have when it comes to houses or accommodation, it’s roof leaks. It’s one of those times when I wished I studied a trade after high school or knew someone who was into roofs. A roofer. Or a roof carpenter. I quickly got the red tin pail I just bought from a vintage shop a couple of blocks away from my place. It had a wooden handle and I liked the way it matched with the red tin pail. I meant for it to be a magazine rack in my living room but now it will have to serve as what it was meant to be. To hold water.

So there I was, checking the internet on how to repair leaky roofs and listing down contact information of expert roof repairers. I decided not to stress about it and hoped and prayed that the leak is not strong enough to fill up the pail overnight. Thank God, it didn’t and the sun was peering behind a cloud the next day. I immediately called the contacts I had on my list and started to compare prices which I was not comfortable to do. I finally found one I could afford and eventually one I could entrust my home to.

I spoke to Adam of a Perth roof restoration company (giving away his identity by providing this link…hope he doesn’t mind!) and he sounded like a pleasant and soft spoken man in his 60s. He asked me a few questions about whether my roof was made of shingles or tiles. I told him that I absolutely have no idea what the roof is made of. He said that he will send his son over to my house and have my roof checked as soon as possible. At around 10:30 am, Leo arrived. His greeting was cheerful and confident yet there was a polite tone in his voice. I showed him to the kitchen where the pail still sits on the floor. “Don’t you just hate roof leaks?”, he asked me with a chuckle. He said that he would climb up the roof to check what’s causing the leak. After some time, he came back and said that upon checking the damaged area for signs of seepage, the leak was caused by a crack on one of the shingles. I was impressed with his work ethics as he took a photo of the damage with his phone and explained what needed to be done.

Luckily, the cracked shingle was still in good condition and may be repaired without removing it. The shingle just had to be secured. He said that it would be good to start work right away while the weather is cool as it will be easier to remove the shingle when it’s cooled down. To be honest, there were times when I zoned off from all his explanation.

There was something in his light aura that made me want to know more about him. I was somehow mesmerized by his personality. I think I’m  falling in love with the roofing guy. And did I tell you that he has gorgeous blue eyes?