Books… I Love Reading Books!

I have two passions in the world: books and shopping! In fact, shopping for books is one of my favourite pastimes! Ever since I was a little girl I have always liked to read. The first books I ever read were those classics by Enid Blyton. I was about seven or eight. I read my first full-length novel, Alice in Wonderland, at age 10, and it remains my favourite till this day.

There are some books that I like to read again and again as I get older, achieving a different understanding of them throughout life. An example of these is the Harry Potter series, undoubtedly a well-loved universe by many people and definitely cherished by me. In my adult years I have turned toward fiction and mystery novels. I enjoy following a protagonist as he or she attempts to solve puzzles and make connections, usually in the face of suspense or danger!

Regarding shopping for books, I enjoy picking out books for friends and family to read. Since I’ve read many books in my life, I love making recommendations to them./ Sometimes they ask me for book recs instead of actual advice, and I gladly give it! Whether it’s growing through puberty, moving on after a breakup, grieving a loved one or being faced with a difficult decision to make, there’s always a book out there for someone, and a part of it will always stick with the reader more than any piece of advice I could possibly give!

That’s probably the biggest reason why I love to read books. The experience of reading is different for everyone and what we learn or take away from books defines who we are. Every new book is a brand new, exciting adventure for me to go on, no matter what age I am!

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