Leasing a Storage Facility for My Belongings

I am very sure that every girl out there can relate to this. You may of guessed it from the title of this post; I am talking about personal belongings and lots of it! So much so I needed to hire a storage facility in Welshpool to store the excess stuff I brought over when moving to Perth recently.

Here’s the actual photo I took whilst over at the storage facility:

Storage facility

Many would actually argue to why I didn’t simply got rid of the excess stuff. You know, perhaps selling it on Gumtree or Ebay or even the classifieds in the local newspaper. My answer to it is quite simple, well simple inĀ  my honest opinion… it’s because I love my belongings and I became attached to them. So much so, I don’t ever want to part with from them. I know my items are actually everyday things, not some sort of collectibles. But still, I feel compelled to keep most (if not all) of it and just soldier on. Is it an addiction or perhaps an OCD condition (obsessive compulsive disorder). Nahh.. maybe I am looking to much into it. Afterall, I am sure there are many others out there who are just like me.

In fact, if you are reading my blog and can relate to the above; I would love to know! So please comment on this post and I will try my very best to reply to it as soon as practically possible. Sharing is caring! So go on and don’t be shy. Once I know that there are people like me, than I will be more at ease.

Anyways, back to obsession with collecting my every “junk”. The decision of hiring a storage facility to store our stuff and even personal belongings was a good one. Why is it a win for me? Well, I get to keep my belongings; but at the same time avoid cluttering of stuff inside my house. Especially when my stuff is kept safely and labelled accordingly.. for easy retrieval.

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