My Story

This is my blog.. duhhh (you might say). But behind every blog, I believe there is a story. And my blog is no different. Absolutely not. Just like most of the other personal blogs out there on the web… mine has a story. One thing for sure is that each author’s story is different.

Don’t get me wrong.. some are similar. But personally, I have not come across two blogs that are EXACTLY the same. Moral of the story is that accept people for who they are. Don’t get me wrong, some people are.. what you call; not ideal people.

You know.. people who you might not want to be associated with. But although you sometime can’t comprehend why they¬† are who they are… they do have a purpose in life. It’s just whether (in my humble opinion) for the good or bad. Let’s just hope that each of us fall in the “good” category. But in reality, this ain’t going to happen.

Well, let’s go back to me… this is my story, summarised briefly:

My name is Sarah Erdreich. Born and raised in Newcastle, the second most populated area in the state of New South Wales. Went to school up to Year 11 high school level. Did not graduate senior high. Sound cliche doesn’t it? Here’s where things get interesting.. I love to help others.. it is this passion to help people has landed me creating and publishing this blog. In this blog, I share my personal life (up close and personal) and hoping that it will benefit you (my readers) in any shape or form. But I hope for the better. If not, at least just get the joy of reading my posts. Two things may happen when you read my blog.. 1) you get bored and leave (which I won’t take offence to.. or 2) read and enjoy the content.

I am the type that take a while to open up.. so my only advice to new readers is to stick with me.